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Knecht Ruprecht auf englisch übersetzt

Beitrag vom 03.12.2009, 20:05 --- ---

Knecht Ruprecht auf englisch übersetzt      <--- klicken für "schöne" Version mit Grafik

Hallo Leute,

anbei meine Übersetzung von Knecht Ruprecht ins englische, für alle, die sowas vielleicht mal brauchen....

Knecht Rupprecht
by Theodor Storm

Out of the forrest I come over here.
Again I have to say Christmas is near.

all over there on all treetops so bright
I saw a shimmering golden light.

And over me there was heavens door,
with big eyes the christchild was looking for more.

As walking through darkwoods of my choice,
It calls me with it’s bright an clear voice.

To old fellow Rupprecht it called: Good luck!
Pick up your legs and hurry up,

the candles begin to burn up again
and heavens door is open and then,

older and younger now shall rest
from the hunt of life and this at it's best.

And tomorrow I will fly down to you
to bring again Christmas the whole world through.

I said: Oh my Lord Christ beloved,
My travel around the earth is enough,

in this little town I have just to go
where children live good and honest and so...

And with you have you got your sack?
I said: The sack is on my back.

As apples, nuts and almondcore,
good children eating more and more.

Have you then your rod with you?
I said: Again the rod is here too.

But for children as they were evil only
the rod is not staying for long time lonely.

Christchild was speaking: You do always right,
Faithfully servant, with god go tonight.

So out of the forrest I come over here.
Again I have to say Christmas is near.

Now say what children in the room here I find,
those with a good or an evil mind?

:D :D :D



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